VIP Services

VIP Services

Private or VIP Abortion Services

Legal Abortion by Pill Clinic specializes in private VIP Services. Not only do we perform abortions, but also routine gynecology services, prenatal care, and family planning services can be provided at the same time if a patient chooses to have the VIP service. We specialize in early abortions as well as late term abortion using the latest surgical or Abortion Pill methods. With our VIP services, we make every effort to maintain your privacy. We even offer an Exclusive VIP Service which allows patients to schedule an appointment at a time when along with their escort can be the only patient in the medical facility. We make every effort to make your visit comfortable, private and confidential. We find that the time patients are able to spend with their support person proves to be beneficial for those patients finding it most difficult during this process. VIP patients are able to have their support person with them the entire time until they are seen for surgery. As soon as the surgery is complete and the patient is awake if she chooses Deep Sedation or general anesthesia, the support person is able to join the patient in her private recovery room. You have a specifically scheduled appointment time, and you and your support person are taken directly to a private room. The length of time that you will be in the office with our VIP Service is generally 90 to 120 minutes.

VIP Services are highly recommended for patients who experience a very high amount of anxiety; for those having an abortion for the first time; for those of a young age; those who have had a prior unpleasant abortion experience; for those who may have planned and wanted a pregnancy and now due to fetal abnormality or threat to the mother’s life or health (mental or physical). There can be a lot of anxiety, fear and stress associated with terminating a pregnancy and it may help to reduce these symptoms tremendously by having the patient’s escort present. Our counseling, one on one assistant, and other medical personnel are there for comfort and to assist all patients through this difficult and challenging time.

Patients who have chronic medical conditions such as hypertension, high blood pressure or diabetes should consider our VIP appointments to receive specialized attention for their specific disease process. We will make sure that those medications are taken the appropriate time.

Patients who are traveling great distances or are in the travel industry such as employees in the cruise ship industry who do not have a lot of time on land and with only a small window of opportunity, find our VIP Service accommodating and convenient. We have cared for patients from all parts of the world. VIP appointments certainly expedite their stay at our offices and help reduce the stress and anxiety of meeting their travel plan deadlines.

For patients whose confidentiality and privacy is of the upmost importance, and do not wish to be around or seen by others, nor want to share their recovery room experience with other women, our VIP Services should be strongly considered. If a patient does not want to be seen at all by anyone, our Exclusive Service should be considered because no one other than the patient and medical staff are in the medical facility during her specified appointment time.

Surgical Suction Curettage Procedure
The surgical procedure offered is a simple procedure similar to a regular gynecological examination and Pap smear. It is generally a 3 minute pain-free procedure completed on a regular female examination table in a private room. If the patient is not having regular or advanced IV sedation, she is able to return to her normal activities the same day. The surgical procedure takes only 3 minutes to perform; it is very safe, and there is no pain associated with it for patients who receive advanced IV sedation, Deep IV sedation, or general anesthesia. With the advanced IV sedation, the medications used are in and out of the body in less than 30 minutes and patients are able to drive themselves home. This provides for absolute privacy for women who do not want anyone to escort them to the office or if there is no one available to drive on them on particular appointment day. There is an additional $25.00 fee for advanced IV sedation, but most women who want the ultimate in privacy feel it is well worth this small added cost. If 6 weeks or less pregnant, the patient may resume normal sexual activity the next day.

Abortion Pill Procedure
The abortion pill procedure can be completed in the privacy of the patient’s home or wherever she is most comfortable. If less than 4.5 weeks, our offices in Orlando offer the procedure to be performed on the first day visit when only misoprostol (prostaglandin that causes contractions of the uterus) is needed to end the pregnancy. There are several studies that show the use of misoprostol in early pregnancy has over a 99% success rate in causing a complete abortion.

If greater than 4.5 weeks pregnant, either Methotrexate or the Abortion Pill (RU486, Mifeprex, and mifepristone) may be used on the first office visit, followed at 24 to 96 hours later by taking misoprostol to cause the complete termination of pregnancy. Women who choose the abortion pill emphasize the advantage of not requiring surgery, and of being able to complete the procedure in the presence of someone they are comfortable with in the privacy of her home or environment.

VIP Service is offered every day of the week and there are few spaces available for this service. It consists of the following:

  1. You are the first patient to be seen by the Physician after completion of your paperwork, counseling, and sonogram
  2. You have your own private room
  3. Companion remains in private room entire visit
  4. Immediate recovery occurs in private exam room
  5. There is only 1 VIP patient scheduled per hour
  6. The average appointment time for VIP patients is 90 to 120 minutes verses 3 to 4 hours for regular patients
  7. One clinical assistant is assigned to you for the entire visit generally
  8. No overnight fasting is required. Patients may eat a light meal or snack prior to coming to office.
  9. You need not worry that anyone should assume you are in our office for a termination of pregnancy because we offer other services such as family planning and general gynecological care.

A patient may request an exclusive or private appointment by contacting our office by phone at 407-245-7999 or email at You may also call the closest location nearest you by clicking locations. Same Day Appointments can be arranged.

For further information including family planning, please visit our premiere website.

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