Third Trimester Abortion Information (greater than 24 weeks pregnant).

Third Trimester Abortion Information (greater than 24 weeks pregnant).

Third Trimester Information (greater than 24 weeks pregnant)

Third Trimester Abortion Information (greater than 24 weeks pregnant).

Patients coming in for very late (over 24 weeks pregnant) abortion are in need of services for termination of a desired pregnancy that has developed serious complications. This usually means the discovery of a catastrophic fetal anomaly or genetic disorder that guarantees death, suffering, or serious disability for the infant if the pregnancy were to continue to term. Occasionally, a woman presents at this stage for pregnancy termination because of her own severe medical illness or a psychiatric indication. At this point, termination of pregnancy is considered a far more dangerous procedure and carries with it serious risks of complications.

Pregnancy termination at this stage requires more experience and skill by the operating physician. It also requires scrupulous attention to procedures that reduce the risk of complications. The first step for third trimester patients is the same as for second trimester patients at 20 weeks or more. The main difference is that more precautions are taken to reduce the inherent risks associated with more advanced pregnancy terminations. One of the main differences for third trimester patients having a pregnancy terminated for a fetal anomaly is that they may wish to have an intact fetus they can view and hold as part of the grieving process. For many of these patients, it isn’t just a fetus – it is a baby. The woman and her family may request certain procedures such as religious ceremonies, genetic studies, formal autopsy, private cremation, or private burial.

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