Reasons for Abortion

31 Mar , 2019

Many women resort to abortion simply because they don’t want to continue with their pregnancy. There are both positive and negative aspects associated with having an abortion. While it still means taking an unborn child’s life, sometimes the woman’s reason for doing so is justifiable.

The main reason why abortion is acceptable in certain places is the fact that pregnancy may be putting the mother’s life at risk. This is the most acceptable reason for abortion and it is usually recommended by a physician. When a woman’s health is at risk, be it physically or mentally, abortion may be the only choice for saving her life.

In other cases, abortion may be the preferred choice by a mother who has discovered that her unborn child is suffering from a severe medical condition or birth defect. Many times it is not until additional ultrasounds and other tests are performed late into the second-trimester abortion when such abnormalities are discovered.

However, the most common reason for abortion is an unwanted pregnancy. Motherhood is such an enormous responsibility that not all women are prepared for. When a woman becomes pregnant unintentionally, abortion may be her preferred choice.

The reasons are varied. Victims of rape and incest wouldn’t want to raise a child created out of violence. When birth control pills fail, the result is usually an unwanted pregnancy. Many women want to end an unplanned pregnancy.

Today, teenage pregnancy is currently the most alarming reason for abortion. More and more females are getting pregnant at a very young age. The rising trend in abortion is mostly attributed to this recent statistic. A teenager can rarely face the responsibilities associated with pregnancy nor does she have the means to support her child financially.

Casual relationships that have no possibility of blooming into a meaningful relationship may also merit an abortion.

Abortion is a very painful process, regardless of the reason. It is something that every pregnant mother should consider carefully because its effect is irreversible. While there are many safe abortion clinics and different methods to choose from, abortion can still be life-changing, just as pregnancy would.

Abortion is usually performed during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. The earlier it is done, the safer. Whatever the reason may be, women who are considering abortion should carefully choose which abortion clinic and process they will use. Always consult with a medical expert who knows what will be the best procedure for you. Safe abortion should be the only choice.

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