Orlando Women's Center | Medical & Surgical Abortion Clinic In Orlando, FL.

Orlando Women's Center | Medical & Surgical Abortion Clinic In Orlando, FL.

Abortion Pill Clinic - Orlando, FL

Ask About Our Abortion Pill Procedure From 3 to 24 Weeks

99.9% Completed in 24 Hours or Less
Minimal to No Complications or Side Effects

Offering Advanced IV Sedation

Medications Are In and Out of the Body Within 15 to 20 Minutes
No Driver or Escort Required

Abortion Pill Clinic In Orlando

3 to 14 Weeks
Limited Time Offering $198.00 Off Procedure Price For Those Who Qualify

Limited Time Special!

Print This Page and Bring it in for $50.00 Savings on Sundays when applicable
At the Orlando Women’s Center Location
Valid For Surgical and Abortion Pill Procedures
Performed by 11/1/13
You must present this page to the receptionist at the time of the Abortion Procedure.
$50.00 towards the cost of Abortion. No Cash Value.

Orlando, FL – Orlando Women’s Center

Time Constraints? Have only 90 minutes to 2 hours to be in office?
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3 minute pain-free safe abortion


Immediate Appointments Available

Walk-ins Welcome
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For driving directions to Orlando Women’s Center, please click on the map below:

Orlando Women’s Center
1103 Lucerne Terrace
Orlando, Florida 32806
Phone (407) 245-7999
Toll Free (877) 692-2273

The Foremost Provider of Non-Surgical and Surgical Abortion in the State of Florida, the United Sates and Countries worldwide. Our premiere women’s center abortion clinic, was established in 1996 by its Founder, Dr. James Pendergraft, who recognized a great need for early abortions, second trimester and late term terminations in the Orlando area. Women were finding it necessary to travel hundreds, to thousands of miles to a practitioner competent in performing early and late trimester abortions. Patients from Central Florida, the State of Florida, the United States and countries worldwide come to the Legal Abortion By Pill Clinic in Orlando to have their procedure performed due to one of the lowest complication rates, and the safety record of early, second trimester, and late term abortion procedures and the efficiency with which they are performed. Late second trimester procedures and late term abortions are generally completed in less than 24 hours when at other facilities it may take as much as two to three days.

Our 3 minute pain free and safe first trimester abortion procedure is very comfortable and highly effective. Most women do not even know that the surgical abortion has been completed.  A feeling of relief and a tremendous decrease in anxiety and stress are the norm following completion of the surgical procedure.

With our advanced technology IV sedation, patients are able to drive themselves to and from the office without an escort because the medications are in and out of the body in under 30 minutes. There are no other facilities that offer this advanced IV sedation technique. Other forms of sedation include regular IV sedation, Deep IV sedation, and general anesthesia which is highly suggested for patients who have a lot of anxiety, first time having termination of pregnancy, or went to another facility where the abortion procedure was attempted but because of movement and patient being uncomfortable, the procedure was unable to be performed.

Patients who have early surgical abortions (3 to 6 weeks) are able to resume their normal activity the same day. They may insert tampons and have sexual intercourse 24 hours after the abortion process is completed.

For patients who want to be in and out of the office in 90 minutes to 2 hours, we offer VIP service which includes patient and escort being placed in private room and able to stay with patient up until the surgical procedure is performed. After the procedure, the patient is able to recover in room with her escort.

Other services offered include family planning, long term birth control options, Emergency Contraception (morning after pill, day after pill, post coital contraception, day after contraception, plan b), free pregnancy test, Pap smear, well woman exam, breast exam, primary care services, prevention diagnosis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including HIV, Diagnosis and Treatment of Vaginal Infections (vaginitis), menopausal therapy (hormonal replacement therapy), Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection, tubal ligation, colposcopy, cryosurgery, LEEP

Dr. Pendergraft has since opened four additional centers in Florida. All specialize in non-surgical, medical and surgical abortion methods. Dr. Pendergraft constantly strives to assure that abortions are performed compassionately, safely and during times that are convenient to patients. The center provides services during a wide variety of time, seven days a week.

Request Exclusive VIP appointment at 407-245-7999. Email: 24hourabortion@gmail.com or call the office location nearest you by clicking “locations”. Same day appointments can be arranged.

For further information including family planning, please visit our premiere website.

Dr James S Pendergraft |  Orlando Women’s Center |  Abortion Pill Clinic

Legal Abortion By Pill Clinic Orlando
Offering Medical and Surgical Abortion
3 to 24 Weeks

Abortion Services

What our Client Says!

”The physicians are knowledgeable and skilled, and take the time to answer questions. The staff are always welcoming and kind. I would definitely go back to this clinic.”

Gale Morris

”My experience at the Orlando Women’s Center was great. My partner and I were able to book an appointment for the next day. This type of situation is not enjoyable for most… Fortunately my procedure was quick and pain free.”


”Their pricing is nice for someone with no insurance. They took great care of me. The doctor and staff were compassionate and caring and took the time to understand my situation.”

Fay Webb

”Nice staff and more than helpful when it has come to my contraception methods. The front desk staff were warm and professional. You will be in good hands.”


”Excellent staff. Just the kind of team you’d want on your side if you were going through a situation like I was. God bless you.”

Amber Allisoot